What People Say


ZIT-FACED SOAP-  "I am a long time acne sufferer and I was always on the hunt for a miracle treatment. I'm 26 years old, got adult acne at 19 and despite my organic healthy lifestyle I suffered from the worst break outs(scarring type).  I bought your zit faced soap and some other fantastic smelling soaps for my body.  I have been using zit faced since the paw paw festival and I haven't had a single breakout!!! My scars are fading and my skin (head to toe) feels fantastic!!!  Space, you really are a soap magician. I found my miracle. Thank you."  
                                                                        ~Andrea Lewinski


SOAP-  "I have terrible allergies to just about every soap out there because of the chemicals. I'm so happy to be able to buy scented soap again!!! Thank you!!!!"
                                                                        ~Erin Councilman

SOAP-  "I purchased 3 bars of soap during a local festival. I gifted 2 bars! Now there are three people in love."
                                                                        ~Kathy Herman

SOAP-  "Absolutely love!!! I seriously didn't want to get out of the shower!!!"
                                                                        ~Kandice Kaido

SALVE- "Love the herbal skin salve, great for everything! Thank you!"
                                                                        ~Danielle Livelsberger

SOAP-  "Awesome soap! Purchased the Lots of Lavender bar out at Whites Mill. Safe and gentle enough to use on my baby's skin. Chose to try her soap after my baby developed a full body rash, diagnosed as Keratosis Pilaris. I eliminated all bathing products and decided to find a few natural products. I literally use this on her entire body. The smell is amazing, and so good to her skin. After a week and a half of bathing her with just this lavender bar soap, (pairing a calendula moisturizer from another Athens local company) her rash has completely cleared up. I am blown away. I will continue to bathe my baby and future babes with the Space Cadet soap!" 
                                                                             ~Kelsey Gentry

SALVE-  "I love the healing salve for my tattoos. It helps skin heal fast and keeps colors fresh!!"                                                
                                                                              ~Mel Smith

SOAP AND SALVE-  "A bar of your soap and a jar of the herbal skin salve made it all the way to South Florida! My sister sent it as my Christmas gift and I couldn't be happier with it. The soap was gentle enough for my sensitive skin and the salve was excellent for cuts and burns. Great job ya'll!"
                                                             ~Carolyn Renea

POISON IVY TONIC-  "I am poison ivy's newest victim and have been battling it for the past few months on and off. I never used to get it growing up! Your poison ivy tonic is the first product I have tried that has effectively dried it out and has eased the itch and pain. My current bout of ivy is about as bad as my first at the beginning of summer, and at that time, I had to go to urgent care to get a steroid shot. I'm so grateful that I found something that prevents me from having to do that again! Thanks Space!!!" 
                                                                    ~Rachel Shaw

SOAP AND BEARD OIL-  "My husband and I bought a couple of your products on a whim last weekend and I'm so happy we did. My husband got the beard oil and loves it! I got your nag champa soap and fell in love after the first use! Nag champa is my all time favorite scent! Thanks for making amazing care products! We'll definitely be back for more!"
                                                                         ~Stephanie Flynn

SOAP-  "I recently got the Guava with orange peels from the C&E store on Richland. It just so happens that this is the FIRST homemade soap I have ever bought or used. There is absolutely no going back now! Thank you, Space Cadet Soap! My skin has never felt better and I can't wait to try your other products!"
                                                                          ~Lena Robertson

SOAP-  "Love my sandalwood oats & flax soap!! Found it on a whim and now feel like I never want to go without!! Leaves me feeling clean without heavy perfumes or chemicals!! I'm a hippy at heart, and this soap satisfies my need to live simply."
                                                                            ~Lisa Wiley

SOAP- "Was actually given a bar of BlackBerry soap by Space herself, and fell in love just from the scent of it!! Lasted months, don't dry out my skin, and looked appeasing up the last wash. What a difference a little love makes! Not factory made by robots, but by an amazing, driven couple! Soooo happy to now call myself a space cadet!  Keep up the fantastic product!!!" 
                                                                          ~Raychel Yea

SOAP-  "Picked up a bar on a whim while at Kroger today because I love unique soaps and local buys. The huckleberry and lavender is superb! I will definitely be buying again!"
                                                                        ~Bekah Maxson

SOAP (ESP. POISON IVY) AND SALVE-  "Her soaps & salves are amazing! The poison ivy soap is a must have & her scented soaps are lovely!"
                                                                        ~Heather Browning

SOAP-  "My soap smells divine and Space is such a kind person."
                                                                        ~Leah Tribett

SOAP-  "Best soaps I've had the privilege of using!"
                                                                        ~Alex Souza

SOAP-  "I've loved every scent I've tried. I HIGHLY recommend this soap! It does wonders for that itchy, dry winter skin!"  

                                                                        ~Tonya Mullins

SOAP-  "The BEST soaps ever!!!! My skin feels so nourished!!!"
                                                                        ~Melanie Dodd

SOAP AND SALVE-  "The soaps are lovely, and the salve is amazing!" 
                                                                        ~Nannette Paguio

SOAP-  "I picked up a bar of Huckleberry & Lavender at Kroger and absolutely love it!! Keep up the good soap!"
                                                                        ~Angie Hubbard

SOAP-  "I just used a bar that I bought at the Nelsonville Music Festival and I am HOOKED!"
                                                                       ~Jill Lessig

SALVE-  "I need to, and will write you a testimonial that you can put on your website for the jar of S.C. Amazing Green Healing Balm (or whatever you call it). It healed a 1.5" diameter patch of skin that got ripped off the side of my knee and then got infected. I tried using CVS anti-bacteria ointment. Did little to nothing to remove the infection or reduce the tenderness. Then I remembered your green salve you gave me and thought I'd try that. Packed the area heavy with green and bandaged it. Next day felt better, and a tad less tender. Let it air out overnight and next morning packed on the green and bandaged it. Tonight when I removed the bandage and washed it, major improvement. Nice product! Good job! Thanks for giving me some to try." 
                                                                          ~David Weiford

SALVE-  We use it (salve) on EVERYTHING around our house. And please no one take offense to this in any way, but we call it the "green hippie cream". It has saved us from sunburns, taken the itch out of rashes and bug bites, healed wounds, and even works great for diaper rash. Any cuts , scrapes, bites, scratches burns, we too slap it on and cover with a band aide. We love it, it works!!!! Thank you Space!
                                                                        ~Amanda Stanley

SALVE-  "Herbal Salve is a gift from the heavens! I use it for sunburn, chapped lips, any cut or scrape, bug bites/bee stings, scar minimization, hang nails... absolutely wonderful and powerful healing properties! I have recommended this time and time again and I will continue to do so. I am hooked on Space Cadet Herbal Skin Salve!!"
                                                                       ~Natalie Fox

SOAP-  "Your soap not only smell wonderful, they have the perfect amount of lather, leave my skin soft, and last for quite some time. They are hands down the best I have ever used!"
                                                                       ~Debbie Mendez

SOAP-  "Your soaps smell the best of any I've tried!"
                                                                       ~Susan Tripp

SOAP-  "I love your soaps. Its all I use."
                                                                       ~Lori Skinner

EVERYTHING (A NOTE FROM THE CREATOR OF THESE CONCOCTIONS)-  "I received a voicemail from a lady who had a chemical burn on her hand and called to tell me that my salve worked wonders on it.  I have a friend who is also in-love with my salve.  She sells jewelry at some of the craft fairs that I sell at, and if she sees someone even glance at a jar, she comes flying across the room to promote it.  She had had a large cyst removed and it was so incredibly painful that she couldn't sleep at night, until she began using my salve on it, and it instantly began to heal and the pain was so relieved that she was able to sleep.  Now she buys it in bulk.  It also works wonders on sun burns, and just about everything else skin-related.  It even works wonders on animals.  I've used it on a chicken that was being pecked, and it not only healed up the wound quickly, but also freaked the other chickens out, so that they stopped pecking.  I've known plenty of people to use it on dogs, because it's not only healing, but also is non-toxic, so if they lick it off there's no harm done (except the loss of salve).  
     I have had countless comments on every product I make.  A lady once told me that my soap cured her granddaughter's eczema (although it might just be because she stopped using the poisonous stuff they promote as soap, which is actually just a chemical-concoction for the skin). 
     My friend Stephanie raves about my bug spray and said that she used it at the Rutland Ball Fields, notorious for mosquitoes, and her husband (the only one that didn't spray with it) was the only one to be bitten.  Quite a few people are smitten by my bug spray and swear by it.  
     I often hear of people who couldn't get rid of their poison ivy rash... until they found my tonic.  And suddenly their "incurable" poison ivy went away!  
     As far as the beard oil is concerned, the best story I have heard is that someone put a dropperful on their bald spot and didn't wash it for 3 days and the hair began to regrow!  Otherwise people just like the way it smells and that it makes their beard look healthier.  
      I wish I could remember all of the testimonials that I've heard.  I hear comments all the time or get phone calls about how people love my products.  I realize that in many corporations they have entire divisions set up to field people's complaints, and I get the opposite!  I feel so incredibly grateful for those that take the time to encourage me to keep doing what I do, and that they are benefiting from my labors.  God bless ya'all!"
                                                                           ~Space Welch