I will not be able to ship soap from August 5-19th, 2024.

about me

I am a simple wife, mama, soap-maker and Jesus-lover, living deep in the Appalachian hills of Southeastern Ohio.  I love community and solitude, reading and writing, making art and traveling (in fact, I met my husband traveling the country 20 years ago).  I am a collector of rocking chairs, whimsical tiaras, golden memories, sacred moments, and well-worn Bibles.  I love a gentle breeze and bark on trees, and the way a good sunset can take your breath away if you let it. 

And I love my family!  They are my most-favorite people in the world. I picked up this incredibly adorable hitch-hiker back in 1997, when we were both just 18 year old kids.  And to this day, he is my best friend on earth!  We also have 3 unbelievably amazing and loving sons, and can't even believe how blessed we are to be able to call these young men our own!  

But most of all I am head-over-heels for Jesus!  I am passionate about living my one life well, so that others will see how blazing-glorious He is, and how He makes majesty out of mayhem, transforms our brokenness into gorgeous mosaics, and how lavishly He loves.  And I am passionate about polishing His Image in everyone I meet, so that when they look in the mirror, they can see the natural, intrinsic worth bestowed on them by their Maker.  This is why I live and breathe, and even make the products that I have for sale on this website.