I will not be able to ship soap from August 5-19th, 2024.

My Philosophy

My soap-making philosophy is pretty simple: make soaps and skin care products that nourish the soul! 

Pretty much everyone bathes and washes their hands.  But we also tend to rush through the process of everything we do, always onto the next thing, trying to accomplish, move forward, and in all of our rushing, we tend to miss the majesty of the moment.  We are so preoccupied with duty and agenda that we fail to enter into each moment as it comes.  But this moment is really the only one we are guaranteed.  So I make soap! 

I know that a good bar of soap can slow you down . . . at least for a moment.  And it can make something mundane and dutiful, like ridding ourselves of body odor and grime, into something that actually gives us rest and mental relaxation, allowing us to savor the moment.  My hope is to transform the mundane into majesty and soul-nourishment.  I want to slow folks down a little until they can enter into all their moments and suck out the marrow, because life really is a gift.  And a good bar of soap can help us remember that!